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The Bicycle Brothers brings wheels to children in need.

My name is Andrea Starlin, and I have two boys Chase (7) and Conor (5) who started Bicycle Brothers as a Denver-area community project that has taken on a life of its own!

My boys and I have always done an annual philanthropic effort every year, because I try and teach them about making a difference.   "You do, because you can.  That is what makes the world a better place.  And everyone can DO something.  No matter how big or how small, your gesture or your effort makes a difference."

The first project they chose was creating an entity called Bicycle Brothers to bring wheels to those in need.

They had wanted to start up a taxi service for children because they see all of their friends getting "shuttled" around by their mom's and they wanted to help the moms and make it easier on the parents.  My dad and I thought the insurance risks would be too high for obvious reasons, which we explained, and I encouraged them to stay with wheels and transportation but brainstorm about other possibilities.  Then the Bicycle Brothers was born. 

All my best,
Andrea, Chase, and Conor